Caring For Small Dogs

Some basic Tips for Caring For Small Dogs

Small dogs are usually a very popular and convenient choice when it comes to choosing pets. However, it should be noted that because of their small size, they mare need a little more care and other breeds

How do you define a small dog

Generally speaking a small dog is something like a Maltese, a pug, Chihahua, Shih Tzu, Miniature poodle or Miniature Schnauser.  In short a small dog weighs less than 122 pounds and is generally sixteen inches tall or less

The Difference With Smaller Dogs

The following are some reasons for specific actions that should be taken when considering Caring For Small Dogs

  • There is usually a need to provide higher quality foods as smaller dogs have corresponding smaller stomachs and equally small appetites. The owner will need to ensure the dog gets the right amount of nutrition and several small meals a day.
  •  As small dogs are more prone to dental problems, frequent brushing exercises should become a routine. Also, feeding the dog treats that will further help to clean their teeth and freshen their breath is encouraged.
    • Smaller dogs usually have higher levels of energy to dispel, thus the need to provide the dog with an adequate amount of toys to keep it occupied is essential. This is important as a dog which is bored will tend to develop had behavioral patterns that will eventually cause problems for the owner.
  •  Creating a safe place for the pet to feel secure and protected is also another consideration that needs to be given some serious thought. Smaller dogs have the capacity to be easily excited, thus expounding a lot of energy at any given time, therefore it needs a comfortable place to wind down after such a display of energy.
  •  Keeping a small dog warm is important as often smaller breeds don’t come with thick fur coats to insulate them from the cold.

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