Cat Litter is not just for Cats

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As a dog owner, you may be surprised to hear I am a BIG fan of Cat Litter even though I don’t have a cat

The many useful and amazing ways you can use Cat Litter

If you have a cat, it’s entirely possible that you have tried many different types of cat litter over the years. Many kitty litter users have discovered a multitude of ingenious uses and that it’s not just for the cat’s toilet tray. This readily available and inexpensive product has many marvellous applications. Read on for some of my best choices:

In the garden

When planting shrubs and flowers, adding cat litter with an equal mix of compost will keep the soil moist. Pouring a ring of litter around the base of your garden plants will deter snails and slugs.

Banish smells from stinky boots

Eliminate smells from shoes and trainers with scented cat litter inserts. They’re really easy to make – take a pair of knee-high pop socks and pour in some cat litter. Tie a knot in the open end, insert one into each smelly shoe and leave overnight. If your boots are pungent, add more cat litter to your homemade sachet. This hint also works well for wet boots too, helping to dry out any moisture from the inside of the shoes. Perfect for those dog walking boots

If your car gets stuck in the mud or snow

This is a handy winter tip when you are off on your travels. Carry a few bags of cat litter in the boot of your car for added weight, and then if you find your vehicle gets stuck in the snow, open the bags and pour the litter both in front and behind your car tyres to give you added traction and grip, and you will soon be on your way.

 Freshen up your rubbish bins

Add a few tablespoons of scented cat litter to the bottom of your musty wheelie bin, rubbish bin or plastic laundry basket to freshen them. Take an empty shoebox and place some cat litter inside, then position it in your garage, shed, or gym locker for a fresher smelling space.

Dry out your damp mobile phone

You have probably heard of or even googled how to resurrect your water-damaged mobile phone, however, cat litter probably works better than rice for drying small electronic devices. Wrap your phone first in a sock. This is to prevent any litter from entering the phone or scratching the screen, immerse the sock-wrapped phone in a bag of cat litter and leave for a few days. When dried, there should be no sign of any moisture on the phone screen.

Absorbs oil spills on your Garage floor

If you enjoy doing your car mechanics and vehicle servicing, chances are you will get spills of oil or grease on the garage floor. It’s impossible to clean with water but liberally sprinkle cat litter onto the fluids, leave them to absorb for a while, and then sweep away the residue.

Get rid of moles from your lawn.

No gardener likes to see those annoying molehills on the lawn, but if you excavate one of the tunnels and pour cat litter into the hole, the overpowering smell from the cat litter will convince them to move on and make their homes elsewhere. No harm will come to the moles.

Freshen up your fridge

Most of us know about adding baking soda to our fridges to eliminate strong food smells. However, cat litter works just as well. Add some to a small container and place them near the rear of the fridge to absorb those nasty smells.

Saving money

As we all seem to be constantly trying to save money, one of the most advantageous and economical items on your shopping list has to be cat litter. With so many uses in and around the home, besides using it for your cat’s toilet, every household should have some to hand. Kitty litter is one of the best buy items, especially the clay type cat litter.

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