Pet Proofing Your Home


As with all things Prevention is better than cure.  This is why it is important that before you get your pet that just like with a baby you make sure your home is safe.  Animals will chew through things, eat poison, break glass etc. just like a child

If a dog, for example, is left for long periods of time they will get bored and look for something to do which can lead to danger.

It is vital that your pet has food, water and lots of toys to keep them amused/

When pet proofing your home spend time going around your home and look at possible ways your dog could get trapped, cut itself, full, hurt itself, take food, come into contact with poison etc.

Some simple Pet Proofing Your Home Tips

  • Don’t leave foods out.  Especially foods like chocolate which is poison to dogs
  • Never leave anything out such as a chair sticking out from under the table that could encourage them to climb onto surfaces
  • The toilet. Puppies have been known to jump right in!  Also many pets will drink out of the toilet especially if no other fresh water is around and the cleaning chemicals etc. that you use are poisonous
  • Make sure that cleaning materials and poisons are kept locked away
  • Your stash of loose change. If your dog swallows zinc, you’re in for a real medical emergency.
  • Puppies like to chew so make sure all electrical cables are out of the way so they cannot chew through them
  • Rubbish bins or bags. Very tempting to a young dog with a healthy appetite, but potentially lethal.

If there are likely to be fireworks and your dog is nervous of these then try not to go out an leave him alone.  Why not check out the PDSA check list for young pets

If you’d like me to work with you as your dog walker I cover Finchley, Woodside Park and Muswell Hill and can be contacted on 077 077 6 33 44

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