DIY dog toys from socks

diy-dog-sock-toys DIY dog toys from socks

Equipment:  old sock tennis ball treats
Skill Level:  Easy

Dogs are great fun and man’s best friend. We want to make them happy, and that often means buying plenty of toys and other things that make their lives more fun. This can cause quite a problem if funds are short, so it is always interesting to find stuff that is free to do and that makes your dog happy.

Here we present a few ways in which you can use a sock to make your dog happy. Everyone has got a sock lying around in the house. Best of all, it’s free.

One of the classic methods you can use is the sock and ball toy. All you need for this is an old tennis ball and socks. Try and pick a sports sock that is more durable than any average day-to-day sock.

All you have to do for a simple DIY toy for dogs is put a tennis ball inside the sock and push it down towards the toe end. Tie a knot above the ball, and you have a fantastic toy for the dog to enjoy. It’s probably the most cost-effective toy you could have for your dog. It’s great fun for your pet too.

Another great variant is the snack sock ball. Dogs love doggie treats, and you could use a couple of socks with a doggy treat to bring a great snack and a fantastic challenge to test their abilities.

Fill one of the socks with some doggie treats and then ball it up just like you do when you get your socks ready to put away, and then put that sock inside the second sock. Then tie a knot in the sock to seal it all up. Your dog will spend hours trying to get at the treats, giving them plenty of fun for an afternoon. A great idea, and again it is an incredibly inexpensive one.

Fun, but challenging too

Don’t forget that your dog loves to have plenty of fun. Using the sock toys creates a challenge for the dog, but it also makes them happy because dogs love messing about with stuff and trying to get to a treat, for example. This is why socks are such a good idea because although they are quite inexpensive for you, they are also durable enough to give the dog plenty to do.

Remember, also, that taking your dog out for a walk is the very best exercise. Dogs love going for walks because of the energy expended and their potential for fun. Let them out on the lead in a nice clear and open space, and watch them do what they do best. Dog walking is the very best exercise for any dog, and if you can’t do it yourself, you should consider hiring dog walking services from someone like Finchley Dog Walker a games-based dog walker and trainer

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