Dog Walks and Mud

Mud! Glorious Mud

honey-muddy-dog-walker-225x300 Dog Walks and Mud

You probably remember what it was like to be a kid and play in the mud. If you weren’t allowed to play in the mud, you likely longed to get your hands in that wonderful, sticky stuff concocted of dirt and water.

That pull is just as strong for your canine buddy (especially labs). Dogs love to play, and the dirtier they get, the more fun it is for most canines. They’re just naturally attracted to every puddle!

Dog walkers dread the mud puddles during the cool and rainy autumn months.

Besides the dog’s paws, you now have to clean. There’s now the problem of floors (and possibly furniture).

There are some ways to prevent the worst parts of your dog from frolicking in mud puddles – and some quick clean-up ideas if it’s unavoidable.

You should know that bathing your dog daily isn’t recommended because it removes the oil from your dog’s soft coat and makes his skin susceptible to rashes and dry skin.

Prevention is better than cure.

Here are a few ways you can stay calm and prevent your dog from walking through mud puddles and/or cleaning up the mess quickly and completely if the situation does occur:

  • Paw wiping mats – One absorbent mat outside the door and one inside your dog’s entry door can at least dog-walke-mud-225x300 Dog Walks and Mudreduce the damage that muddy paws can cause. If you can, train your dog to stand outside the door until you can use a towel or water to clean his paws.
  • Stock up on old Towels – have a good supply so you can wipe them down.
  • Doggy Wet Wipes – Keep a supply of these in the car and by the door, as you will be surprised just how much mud and dirt these will remove
  • A small plastic tub filled with water – If you have several muddy areas where you walk your dog and muddy paws are inevitable, you can place a plastic tub with a small amount of water inside and an old, clean towel just outside the door before the walk. Dip his paws into the water when you return to remove the mud and wipe them dry with the towel.
  • Trim your dog’s paw fur – Trimming around your dog’s paw pads can reduce the amount of mud that gets trapped and is so difficult to remove.
  • Dog booties – Training your dog to wear special goloshes and waterproof booties can help prevent the tracking of mud and water into the home. Booties will also protect the dog’s paws and help him traction on slippery surfaces. A quick look online or in your favourite doggie boutique will reveal many sizes and styles.
  • Paw Plungers – PawPlunger® was invented to eliminate all that hassle, mess and stress for you and your best friend. Add warm water – no soap needed – and gently dip each paw into the Paw Plunger.
  •  Landscape your outdoor area – If your dog becomes muddy during outdoor jaunts into your garden, you can prevent the mud and add beauty to your surroundings. Gravel, stone, cement and rock can be used in muddy areas of your outdoor space to keep your dog clean.

If your dog has had a wonderful time in the mud one day, try drying the dog’s feet and use a towel to wipe off any excess mud you can see. Then, when the mud dries, comb and brush his coat to remove the remainder.

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