Doggy Christmas Dinner


When we do a Christmas Dinner we really go to town with the average cost being over £16 per person and it would take 36 hours of marching to work it off

Below is a nice healthy option for your dog on Christmas day.  Make it in advance to save yourself yet another job on the day

 Christmas Dinner for Dogs Recipe 1

100g minced turkey
50g cooked rice
Small Carrot
Couple of Brussels Sprouts

Heat some olive oil up in a pan and gently fry the mince, Stir in the rice, carrot and sprouts allowing the ricer to soak up the juices and the vegetables to soften

Once it is all cooked remove from heat and allow to cool before serving

Missy and Roxy give this 5 stars


Christmas Dinner For Dogs  Recipe No 2

This recipe is ideal for a medium dog and contains around half the recommended calories.  The receipt contains 10g fat  and 88g carbs

100g turkey, roasted skinless
40g canned salmon, drained
350g potatoes, boiled or plain mash
50g Brussels sprouts, boiled
50g carrot, raw or boiled
6tbsp giblet stock

Like all recipes I have made Missy and Roxy it is really easy to do.  Just mix them all up and place in bowl and watch your dogs woof it down

Finally don’t forget to check out what foods are safe for your dog this Christmas


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