First Aid Kits for Walks

Dog first aid kit when you go for walks – what should you carry

small-first-aid-dogs-169x300 First Aid Kits for WalksWhat would you do if you’re taking your dog for a walk in the countryside, and he suddenly hurts himself and begins limping, would you know how to treat him? You would never go camping or hiking yourself, without a first aid kit, as you never know when something unforeseen could happen and you need emergency first aid. The same accident may happen to your furry friend, so always be prepared for an emergency situation by carrying a basic first aid kit for dogs with you on any walk. These supplies may help to comfort your dog until expert help arrives, and in some circumstances, may even save your dog’s life.

When I’m out on my daily dog walks around Finchley, in the Parks and Woodlands, I always make sure I have my backpack with me, containing basic first aid kit items so that I can give first aid treatment to any of the dogs. Of course, accidents will happen and we never can know when an insect bite of a cut paw will hinder our pets.

Probable common dog injuries

Below are several types of common injuries that your pet may sustain while out walking. It’s impossible to predict what type of injury will result, some may even need to be seen by a Vet as soon as possible

  • Sprained knee and wrist joints
  • Swallowing foreign objects
  • Being hit by a motor vehicle
  • A bite from another dog
  • Contact with toxic and poisonous substances
  • Broken or torn claw nails
  • Dehydration or heat stroke
  • Injuries to the eyes

There are many medical items that you would normally have in a full first aid kit that you would use in your house or vehicle, but when out walking, obviously there are weight limits to what you are able to carry.

Portable First Aid Kit Contents


  • Water – this is very useful for cleaning and treating minor wounds. It’s also useful for cooling an overheated dog, soaking a paw or rehydrating a pet.
  • Gloves – An essential item for the kit, when dealing with either canine or human incidences
  • Tweezers – perfect for removing splinters from paws and pads or to remove ticks
  • Scissors – useful for cutting fur, splints, bandages and tape
  • Antiseptic wipes – handy for cleaning your hands after giving treatment, not for using on the dog wounds
  • Bandages and tape – it’s always a good plan to have a couple of bandages for any wound eventuality, until you can get your dog some medical treatment
  • Piriton – immediate treatment for any bee and wasp stings
  • Manuka Honey – a natural remedy which can be applied to any type of infection or wound, burns or cuts to give instant relief.

Of course, we wouldn’t consider going anywhere without our mobile phone and credit card, you never know when you might need them, and so make sure your kit has these 2 essential items on the list! When walking with dogs, it’s always advisable to carry a list of contact telephone numbers, for the emergency services, the local vet, and if walking dogs for customers as I do, I always carry the client’s contact numbers in the event of any crisis.

Your essential first aid kit can always to be used in the first instance to give emergency help to your dog, but always consider that there may be an urgent need to take your pet to the Vet to be checked out as soon as possible. Each year, hundreds of dogs in the UK are involved in medical emergencies; they swallow poisonous substances, suffer from heatstroke, or are involved in road accidents. Knowing what to do in such an emergency may save your dog’s life.

First Aid Training

It’s obviously beneficial to everyone to know how to administer basic first aid, either to a human or to a dog, but if you wish to increase your knowledge and understand how to care for a dog if he is involved in an accident, he collapses, or even to deal with specific health conditions, consider taking a first aid course. Finchley Dog Walker has qualifications in animal first aid, so I am able to deal with an animal in an emergency situation, to the best of my ability and understanding

This blog post is purely meant to be helpful advice. as we are not vets and this info is not intended, in any way, to take the place of the advice from your Vet. If you have concerns, please contact your vet or Verifone

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