Holidays with dogs

Once or twice a year, most of us think of going to a holiday to relax and enjoy. You might think about going to your favourite holiday destinations to chill. However if you have a furry friend too, you need to closely evaluate certain things before going to a holiday. Your holiday destination, weather and accommodation all matter equally. Here we will discuss few important things you need to consider before going to holidays with dogs.


If you are thinking to take your dog with you on a holiday, make sure you choose appropriate can be dangerous to take dog outdoors if snowy weather. Similarly in extreme warm sunny days, taking you dog out with you can lead to serious medical issues. It is recommended to choose mild weather. If you are planning to go in summers, choose early summer days. In winters, avoid going in snowy days as there are many heath issues with dogs in snow

Consult vet

Your dog may find change in routine, environment and travelling stressful. Before deciding to take your pet to holiday, Check with your vet to ensure that your pet is healthy and safe to travel. If they need any medication keep this with you so that you can use in case of any emergency. Make sure all vaccinations, flea and worm treatments are up-to-date. Also, before heading off to your journey, locate nearby vet or pet hospitals. This is particularly important if you are going camping or heading somewhere remote.



Make sure that a pet friendly accommodation is available to you while you are traveling to a holiday destination. Holiday accommodation includes farms, cottages and holiday houses. Before you book, closely check in-house rules. Make sure the landlords allow pets. If dogs are allowed at your choice of cottage, inquire if they are allowed inside or outside only. Also esquire is there any restricted area for your dog to relax. Also check if they offer pet care services. There might be occasions or weather might change unusually and you need their services to leave your pet temporary with them.


Use of carrier

Whether you choose to travel by rail, boat or air, a carrier designed for dog traveling is foremost accessory, especially if you have a car without a large, secure boot space. It is necessary for you to identify and select perfect carrier for your dog. If your dog isn’t already used to a carrier, introduce this accessory several weeks before your trip. Leave it open and available, filled with soft bedding and an occasional hidden treat.


Search out activities for your pet holiday destination

It is not necessary for you dog to enjoy same activities as you while you are on holiday. Before going to a holiday, it is essential for you to find nearby activities for your dog. If there is no activity for your dogs, they may get stressful and it might be another issue for you to deal with that stressful momentum.



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