Dog friendly locations

Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

  • Do you feel guilty when you leave the house without your dog?
  • There are now many dog-friendly summer activities more places where your dog is welcome.
  • Some businesses welcome dogs and place a specific sign stating this, which are usually noted or advertised as “dog-friendly” venues.
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Now that the summer has arrived, it’s not only us humans that look forward to holidays and adventurous days out; our four-legged doggy friends also look forward to lots more walks and exciting activities at pet-friendly venues. When you’re out and about with your dog, it’s best to first ask if he will be welcome if you intend to go to shops, pubs, cafes, and restaurants.

Dog friendly locations

You can now have your pet experience a meal out with you, as several restaurants have menus catering specifically for dogs. Many pubs will usually allow dogs in their outside courtyards or beer gardens. It’s much easier to take your dog on holiday, as many hotels and B&Bs enable dogs to share your room, with some providing a doggy bed and special dog treats.

You can enjoy many other “pet-friendly activities with your dog during summer. Why not be adventurous and explore some of these:

  • A seaside adventure keep to areas where dogs are allowed as during the peak season, some parts of the beach are out of bounds. Take along towels for drying him after a dip in the sea and plenty of toys to play with on the many miles of sands.
  • Take a picnic – a nice change of environment, especially for an older dog, rather than him being left at home. A short stroll, with a picnic in a backpack, to a nice scenic location where you can both enjoy your lunch, lie down and relax in a change of surroundings.
  • Follow a woodland trail – wooded areas can be stimulating places for your pet, who will run about excitedly through the leaves and shrubs, sniffing after all types of wildlife. Make sure he comes back to recall, or keep him on a lead if you’re worried about losing sight of him in the trees.
  • Challenge yourselves with a long-distance walk – take a different route to your normal, daily walk, where your dog will come across many new smells, sounds and sights.
  • Go to school – training classes aren’t just for those with new dogs or puppies. All pets can enjoy some additional training to brush up on their skills. You could join a club that specialises in showing activities, heelwork to music, or agility classes.
  • Visit a dog show – usually held over a weekend and packed with many doggy goodies and activities, with competitions to enter such as the “cutest dog” and many stalls and exhibitions to purchase all things to do with dogs.
  • Dog-friendly camping – it’s so easy to find a dog-friendly campsite. Using the internet to locate many caravan parks, glamping sites and campsites that allow dogs with their owners.

Essentials to take with you on a day out

By law, all dogs need to be microchipped, so always ensure that your dog has a collar with an ID tag, so they can easily be reunited with you should they get lost.

Make sure you carry a supply of dog poo bags and if you’re away from home, take fresh water and a bowl for your dog’s frequent refreshment stops.

It is also important to carry a First Aid Kit with you just in case anything happens.

Now go and have fun and search out some dog-friendly venues. And remember, safe travelling this summer with your dog.