Is it ok for my dogs to eat junk food such as chips?

Is-it-ok-for-my-dogs-to-eat-junk-food1-1024x1024 Is it ok for my dogs to eat junk food such as chips?


Can dogs eat chips?

Many humans can’t resist junk food.  This could be a packet of pringles whilst watching the TV or some chips whilst playing a board game.  However, it is important to remember that whilst pringles Cheetos, quavers are tasty they are also bad for us.

So are these tasty snacks also bad for our dogs?

These tasty treats should be enjoyed in moderation as a little bit of what you fancy does you good.  However, this is not the same for our dogs. 

Depositphotos_11023055_l-2015-1024x680 Is it ok for my dogs to eat junk food such as chips?

Can dogs eat chips such as Tortilla chips?

These tasty snacks are usually corn-based and then deep-fried with salt added for flavour.  Both the oil and the salt make this semi-healthy chip, unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

To add to the danger further, they are often seasoned with garlic or onion, which are dangerous for dogs.

And finally, any dogs are allergic to corn.  As you can see this is a snack to be totally avoided by dogs


In the same way that the tortilla chip is very high in salt and fat so are Doritos. On top of that, the cheese and cool ranch flavour are also seasoned with onion powder, and garlic which we all know are toxic o dogs.

Finally, if your dog is dairy intolerant, then these snacks really are a no-no as they can possibly cause a dicky tummy and diaphone.

These are one tasty human snack that is not for sharing – esp. with dogs.


These are one of my favourites although I know they are bad for me.

Like most of these type of snacks, they are very high in fat and sodium, which can lead to dehydration and heart issues.

These snacks also contain dairy and corn which  a lot of dogs are allergic to

The flaming hot variety of these tasty snacks are also very high in spices.  Due to the spices, it is possible for humans to get stomach ulcers.  This gives you an idea of just how bad they can be for you and your dog.

So as a human snack, they are good to eat in moderation. However, they are definitely not for sharing with your dog.


The content of the pringle tube should not be given to your dog as they contain lots of dangerous spices and high-fat content. As with all these types of snacks, they are also high in salt and fat.

However, the tube can be used for a puzzle toy.


what happens if your dog manages to get the packet open

This is not much when you consider on average 15 potatoes chips Fcontain an average of 1g of fat and a  170mg of sodium and 10g of fat.  Si to put this into some kind of perspective this is highly dangerous if a dog the size of a beagle or pug gets hold of a bag of crisps such as walkers.

If you suspect your dog has got hold o a crisp packet, then you should speak to our vt immediately. One of the dangers of your dog eating chips is salt poisoning. Research conducted by the the The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (PDF), an average adult dog weighing 33 pounds has a daily allowance of only 200 mg of salt and 14g of fat.

If your dog suffers from sodium poisoning, this can lead to potential kidney failure, fluid gain and possibly death.

Dogs are unable to process sodium in the same way as humans so is far more dangerous to them

salt-3285023_6401 Is it ok for my dogs to eat junk food such as chips?

How do I know if my dog is suffering from sodium poisoning

If you notice your dog starting to show signs of being lethargic, having seizures or suffering from Diarrhoea and vomiting t then you need to contact the vet ASAP/  If this is not possible then contact the Animal Poison helpline for immediate advice.

Can my dog eat ordinary  Plain Potatoes?

If the potato is green, then there is a good chance, it can cause confusion as well as gastrointestinal distress. Other signs that your dog may show ate are confusion and weakness,

To be safe, avoid raw potatoes when feeding your dog and consider sweet potatoes instead.

Sweet potatoes like anything when fed in moderation can be considered to be a healthy snack for your dog and can also be found in some dog foods.

So, in general, the answer is No to can dog eat chips (Crisps)

Information and opinions provided in this article and on the website are based on my own personal experience and opinion, it is not intended as a substitute for veterinary help or advice.