Keeping the Dog Entertained While they are home alone

finchley-dog-walker-is-coming Keeping the Dog Entertained While they are home alone

Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is essential for many of us to have to go out to work and leave a dog alone that has to amuse and entertain themselves.

This has to be carefully managed to not cause psychological problems for him, such as extreme boredom. Boredom, in turn, can cause problems for us, such as a wrecked house. Whilst some people are lucky enough to take their dog to work with them, others can’t. This means for the rest of us. We have to find ways to keep the dog entertained and out of mischief while home alone.

But how long is too long for the dog to be home alone

Age of the dog
Time for being aloneReason
Dogs under around a year old2 hours a day is the limit.Generally,


speaking puppies are not used to being home alone. As a result, they will usually want to pee more. Log periods of being home alone at this age can lead to separation anxiety.

Adult dogs (over 18 months)Up to 5 hours a day but certainly no more than 6.Adult dogs have generally got used to being home alone and will sleep whilst you are out or entertain themselves.
Elderly dogCan be left alone for two to six hours.this is down to individual dogs as some older dogs will have a weak bladder and, like puppies, need to wee more


An adult dog will naturally sleep most of the day, but he will need to be mentally stimulated during his waking hours to avoid boredom and separation anxiety. Even a dog kept in an outdoor run during the day requires some form of entertainment if he is not to become a nuisance barker. This means finding ways to keep him occupied.

Dog walker 

If you can afford it, employing a dog sitter or walker to come and take him out during the day is an ideal solution. A good dog walker will provide quality enhanced dog walk providing both mental and physical exercise, so your dog is tired and content when home alone awaiting your return.

Read Finchley Dog Walker’s article on what to look for in a dog walker


If not, then arm yourself with toys for the dog to play with. Please make sure these are robust enough to withstand a good shaking and chewing and, most importantly, try to vary which toys he has on different days so that he doesn’t get bored with them. Buy him new ones regularly. This is much cheaper than new furniture!

A popular device, which all dogs love, is the Kong. This is conically shaped, made from hard rubber, with a small hole in one end and a slightly bigger hole in the opposite end into which you put food treats for the dog to find. These could be his usual kibble or biscuits. It is best to mix these in with meat paste or peanut butter, for example, the idea being that they are slightly difficult, but not impossible, to extract.

There are also now food dishes available in major pet stores and online, which fulfil the same slow-release of food principle. You could even put the Kong in the freezer overnight so that as it gradually thaws, it takes longer to get the treats out. This is especially useful during the summer months.

Another option is to make something called a doggy popsicle. This could be something like chicken broth or a mixture of peanut butter or marmite and carrots or kibble. Freeze it overnight, then take it out and leave it for the dog to slowly lick. Of course, remember to place this somewhere easy to clean!

Busy bucket

Another good idea is to create a busy bucket. The busy bucket is what it sounds like. This is an excellent tool for keeping your dog entertained whilst home alone.   Grab a plastic bucket, the more durable, the better, and throw some doggie treats at the bottom. Then place one of the dog’s toys in the bucket on top of the treats. It will get a little bit messy, so leave some towels around the bucket. This will give the dog hours of fun as they scoot around and generally discover what’s in the bucket. It’s a plaything or toy for a dog. It works wonders and keeps them entertained.

With the rest of the toys that the dog has at home, rotation is important. Don’t just leave the same toys hanging around the house all day throughout the week. Every couple of days, refresh the dog’s toys to play with. Try and buy a new toy every week for the dog to play with. This keeps them interested. Dogs can get bored very quickly because they have so much energy. A fresh rotation of toys on a regular basis helps to solve this problem.

Keep the TV On

If your dog is a telly addict – and some are – leave the TV playing to keep him amused. Believe it or not, you can buy DVDs for dogs to watch – check out Amazon! If you know your pooch is inclined to lunge at things on the TV, this may not be suitable; try leaving a radio on instead.

Music is the key

One final idea is to leave a classical music CD or radio playing in one of the rooms. This, believe it or not, really helps to relax dogs. Leaving a cd playing in a loop means that the dog has a continuous soundtrack. However, he can choose to leave the room if they want to.

Dogs have tons of energy and are very lively. They can be a nightmare if they get bored, and your furniture can suffer too. Take steps to prevent this by following some of the ideas in this article, and you should have a happy and contented dog.

How you should behave once you’re back

When you return, make it is a positive experience for your dog and give them plenty of love ad attention.

Below are a few suggestions for when you return after your dog has been home alone

  • Spend some time taking our dog for a quality walk
  • If a walk is not possible then spend some playtime in the garden

And remember: Letting your dog stretch his legs after a day spent indoors is a great way to help him burn off some energy. On the other hand, please don’t get him accustomed to receiving treats as you walk in. Your dog should know that “Leave & Return” means that there are moments during the day when he could be left alone.

If you are lucky enough to be working from home then we have an article on that.

Finchley dog walker provides a fun and effective way to ensure your dog gets the exercise they need. The emphasis is on play and exploration and plenty of activities. To find out more about how we can give your dog a great start to their day, click here. or get in touch