Choosing a Dog Walker

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Tips  to help you choose the correct Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

dog-4467589_640 Choosing a Dog Walker

Of course, we all love our dogs. We wish to spend as much quality time with them as is achievable, but given that the majority of us work, not to mention the unexpected events that sometimes pop up in our busy lives, means that many of us will at some time, need to consider help to care for our dogs now and then. Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters provide varied services, such as offering companionship for your Dog when you’re at work, perhaps feeding and watering your pet, or walking your Dog when you are unable to do so yourself. Be fully aware that anyone can call themselves a dog walker; therefore, it’s vitally important that you know how to choose a capable, experienced person to hire.

If, like me, your Dog is an important family member, you will, of course, want to ensure that you find an exceptional person to care for your Dog; obviously, someone who will care for your pet as much as you do, who is knowledgeable about animals, is competent and confident. How do you go about sourcing this perfect person?

Initial research when choosing a dog walker

One of the best sources of information can be from other pet owners who already use the services of a friendly, capable dog walker. Ask at your Vet’s surgery; they may keep a database of recommended