Keeping your dog entertained whilst you are at work


We all love our dogs. But unfortunately many of us have jobs to go to. This means that there is a risk that our dog will be left at home for extended periods of time. To combat feelings of boredom and other frustrations that the dog may have, you can put in place certain techniques and strategies that will keep your dog entertained while you are at work.

88b808939c94dc95b2169bf0_640 Keeping your dog entertained whilst you are at workThe first thing you can do to keep your dog entertained and content while you are out is to pre-empt the issue and ensure they have a great walk in the morning. This is something that you will see many people doing with their dogs before 9:00 AM. Taking your dog out for a good hard and its energetic walk will get them tired and they will feel more content and relaxed when they are home alone. All that energy being expended means that the dog will be less frustrated while at home and less likely to be destructive about the house. It’s also good for the dog and is part of you treating them fairly. They need to exercise.

Busy bucket

Another good idea is to create a busy bucket. The busy bucket is what it sounds like, and is an excellent tool for keeping your dog entertained during the hours you are away from them. Grab a plastic bucket, the more durable the better, and throw some doggie treats at the bottom. Then place one of the dog’s toys in the bucket on top of the treats. It’s going to get a little bit messy, so leave some towels around the bucket. This will give the dog hours of fun as they scoot around and generally discover what’s in the bucket. It’s basically a plaything or toy for a dog. It works wonders, and keeps them entertained.

With the rest of the toys that the dog has at home, rotation is important. Don’t just leave the same toys hanging around the house all day throughout the week. Every couple of days refresh the toys that the dog has to play with. Try and buy a new toy every week for the dog to play with too. This keeps them interested. Dogs can get bored very easily, because they have so much energy. A fresh rotation of toys on a regular basis helps to solve this problem.

Music is the key

One final idea is to leave a classical music CD playing in one of the rooms. This, believe it or not, really helps to relax dogs. Leaving it playing in a loop means that the dog has a continuous soundtrack, but can choose to leave the room if he or she wants to.

Dogs have tons of energy and are very lively. They can be a nightmare if they get bored, and your furniture can suffer too. Take steps to prevent this by following some of the ideas in this article and you should have a happy and contented dog.

Finchley dog walker provides a fun and effective way to ensure your dog gets the exercise they need. The emphasis is on play and exploration, as well as plenty of exercise. To find out more about how we can give your dog a great start to their day, click here.

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