Leaving your dog when going abroad

Leaving your dog when going abroad

When going on holiday, it is important that you have peace of mind that your pet is well looked after. There are many different options to consider depending on the temperament of your dog and where you feel they would be most comfortable.  The most popular and cheapest option is boarding kennels, however many people opt for home boarding or pet sitters.

Kennels – Make sure you check them out thoroughly

Although this is the most popular option, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly and there are many factors to consider when choosing a kennel.  Firstly, try and get some recommendations from your local vet, or friends with dogs.  When you go to view the kennel, look around to make sure that it is clean and dry, and that there is a run so that your dog can exercise.  Kennels often offer extra options of walks so it is worth finding out how much these cost and if it is something that would be suitable for your pet.  Check that you can leave your dogs bed, or favourite toy there, and find out how much one to one attention they will get.  If you are satisfied with the kennels, then make sure you book well in advance! Lastly, check which vaccinations are required and make sure you have them done before your pet goes.

Home boarding can be more comfortable for those dogs who need extra care

Many people now offer to look after your dog in their home.  This means that your pet will be kept in a similar environment.  Make sure you go and meet the home boarder and watch how they interact with your dog.  Find out about what insurance they have whether or not other dogs will be there at the same time, and what the arrangements are at night time.  They will normally ask for you to bring your own dog food, and also provide them with the dogs bedding and toys.  Again check which vaccinations are required so that you and your pet can have a stress free holiday build up.

Pet sitting enables your dog to stay in their own environment

The last option is have your pet remain in their home environment with a professional pet sitter or a family member or friend.  Make sure that feeding and exercise routines are discussed, and that emergency numbers both for you and your local vet are provided.  If using a professional pet sitter, make sure that you get references, and feel comfortable with them living in your home and looking after your pet whilst you are away.

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