New year’s resolutions for dogs and owners

15781542_10211218421201171_9175923165169960086_n New year's resolutions for dogs and owners

Most of us will create a list of New Year’s resolutions for the beginning of January, promising to enhance or perfect something in our lives or help out or pay it forward for a friend or family member. Do you make such promises to your beloved pet if you have a dog? Here are our suggestions for some New Year’s resolutions for our dogs.

Take daily walks

Everyone has overeaten over the Festive period and put on a few extra pounds. Head outdoors with your pup, as exercising is always much more fun with a friend. If your busy schedule means you cannot walk your dog daily, enlist the help of a qualified, certified dog walker.

Feed your pet a healthier diet

Tell yourself no more table scraps for snacks. Stick to feeding a good quality dog mix and provide healthy snack options, such as homemade pet treats, apples or carrots. Read our 6 top tips on feeding your dog.

Brush your dog’s teeth daily

To eliminate tartar on your dog’s teeth, brush daily to not only protect your dog’s overall health but also to prevent dental disease. Annual dental visits will be easier for both your dog and you.

Attend obedience or training classes

It isn’t only rowdy dogs that attend these classes. Many pets enjoy the social bonding time and the challenge gained from participating in these classes with their owners. It’s also a good idea to undergo a refresher course every couple of years to make sure you and your dog haven’t forgotten any important techniques. If your dog is a puppy, then please read our article on how important it is to go to puppy classes

Take up a new canine sport.

Perhaps you’ve always fancied participating in a doggy sport with your pet but never got around to organising it in 2016. There are loads of different activities to suit all dog breeds and tastes, ensuring your dog has a physical and mental workout and allowing you to meet new owners and bond with your pet. Try Cani-cross, where your dog jogs alongside you attached to a harness, or perhaps dog agility classes.

Spend quality time with your dog

After taking that long enrichment walk, what better way to bond with your dog than to cuddle up on the sofa or to play tug games and brain enrichment with your dog? Studies have shown that a little extra, tender loving care can go a long way toward a happy and healthy pet. Take a road trip to a dog-friendly beach or a restaurant that allows dogs, or try out any other new adventure. Another option is to set up a pet play date with a friend and their dog and arrange to meet at the park for fun, interactive times or quality walks

Update their ID

It’s every pet owner’s worst-case scenario if their dog wanders off, but if you ensure that their microchip information and ID tag are up to date, they can be returned to you as soon as possible.

Create a bucket list for your dog

If you own a senior dog, you will want to create a list of things to do together to create amazing memories before crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Create a list of activities you can do together to get his tail wagging.

We all love our dogs, so why not promise to make them an even more important priority in 2023? Our doggy friends deserve the absolute best, and these easy-to-make, pet-positive resolutions will make our dogs love us even more!

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