Dog tips for the New Year

The beginning of the New Year is the ideal time to think about your pet’s changing needs and sort through your dog’s particulars to ensure everything is in order.

Dates for your calendar

Check through your diary for the coming year, and note any important dates to carry out such as vaccinations, when flea and tick treatments are due, and also note worming dates. Dog owners are responsible for ensuring their pet is regularly wormed.

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Ensure your dog is microchipped

In the U.K., since April 2016, it has been the law to have your dog microchipped with its owner’s contact details, registered on an approved, central database. It’s also the owner’s responsibility to ensure that these details are updated in any change of circumstances, such as a change of address or email address.

Security at home

It’s your responsibility to ensure your dog cannot escape and stray from home. Inspect your boundaries, fences and garden gates. Inspect for areas of damage and any potential doggy escape routes. It’s a good time to inspect your dog’s collar, harness, lead, or other walking equipment in good condition and still fit your dog correctly.

Dog’s general health

When was the last time you took your dog to the Vet for a health check? It’s an excellent plan to get their general health, eyesight, hearing, weight, teeth and gums checked annually. When at the Vet, ask if he can check your dog’s microchip, as these sometimes migrate, and it’s certainly worth having it scanned.

Organise pet insurance

It’s usually one of the last things pet owners get around to sorting, but if you have a new puppy or even a dog you’ve had for a while, it’s good advice to arrange some pet insurance cover. Unexpected visits to the Vet can be expensive, and it’s always good to know you have some cover.

Make plans to have your dog neutered.

This general term describes the surgical removal of all or some of your pet’s reproductive organs. In female dogs, it’s called spaying, and in males, the operation is known as castration. Neutering your dog will not only prevent unwanted pregnancy but will remove their sexual urges and provide many health benefits.

Have a healthy new start to the New Year

As we head into the New Year, it’s time to ditch those old habits and start with a new healthy regime for you and your dog. An energetic dog is a perfect excuse to get fresh air together and move. It’s a well-known fact that dogs need much more exercise than you think. Unfortunately, many pets do not get enough, with many unwanted behaviours, such as causing damage and excessive barking, being attributed to lack of exercise. When training your dog, visiting and learning in different environments, not just in your garden or living room, is helpful.

Finchley Dog Walker wishes you all a happy, safe, healthy year with your doggy friends.