Our Services and Prices

 I am a long-time experienced dog owner and have owned and worked with dogs of all sizes, temperaments and energy levels.  I treat each dog individually and appropriately according to their breed, age, needs and personality.  I offer my services throughout the Finchley, Muswell Hill, Bounds Green and Friem Barnet area.

Individual Bespoke Dog Walks.

We offer different types of walks depending on your dog’s needs.  We can provide one-to-one ‘on lead/off lead’ walks to allow your dog to relieve him/herself and to get the exercise he needs in order to keep him nice and calm at home.  A typical walk will last for one hour and will be tailored especially for your dog.  Please contact me for details.

Pack Walking Adventure.

My long experience has taught me that dogs are happier when exercised and socialised so, providing circumstances allow, I let the group run around together off-lead in a safe area.  Not only is this great fun for the dogs, but it is also extremely useful for calming the more energetic and excitable dogs.  Having a good run in a controlled environment allows dogs to get rid of excess energy which makes him much calmer at home!

Because of the high-energy nature of the pack walk, there are unfortunately some dogs I can’t include; for the safety of all the dogs in my pack, I can’t include aggressive or overly-dominant dogs.
Un-neutered dogs could also cause difficulties but are not automatically excluded.  All this doesn’t mean we can’t take your dog – we are very flexible.  It just means we would do a more ‘tailored’ dog walk for you.  Please contact me to discuss this. 

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