Understanding Barking

68f95f83a83c3f73b530ee02_6401 Understanding Barking

Dogs bark for many different reasons. Some dogs bark more than others. However, your canine friend will usually bark to tell you something. They may be trying to warn you of a danger or express happiness and delight when they see their favourite toy. They may be telling you that they are in distress or even that they are pleased to see you. Understanding your dog’s bark by paying attention to the pitch and frequency will mean that you can address their needs quicker.

Firstly, it is important to remember that if your dog is barking rapidly, they are trying to get your immediate attention and normally, it is related to a sense of danger or fear. They are trying to alert you, whether it is because they hear someone coming towards your property or they can sense something bad is going to happen. Continuous rapid barking gives you an indication that the danger is very near, and it is usually a midrange pitch. If they bark three or four times quickly, then pause, the danger they sense may be slightly further away, which is a warning to you.

One type of bark that you may not hear but may be of disturbance to your neighbours is prolonged, incessant barking. This barking indicates loneliness and signifies that they are not pleased to be left without company. There can be intervals in the barking. However, it starts again after a moderate to long pause. When they let off a series of yelps, it is to inform you that they are in pain or discomfort. Similarly, a high-pitched yelp is used in response to sudden pain, for example, if you accidentally tread on their paws.

The type of bark that you are more familiar with is probably one or two sharp, short barks with a midrange pitch, a quick way of saying hello. Dogs use this type of bark to greet you. This same short bark with a low-range pitch is often used when your mother is disciplining your pup; you might hear this when another dog pesters your dog. Another familiar bark is the playful stutter bark; your dog will use this when they are ready for you to throw their favourite ball and play! Similarly, the rising bark is a happy bark used during fun times and shows excitement.

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