What Not To Buy Your Dog

12342758_10153857996548982_8328224196128537105_n What Not To Buy Your Dog

The holidays will be soon here and Christmas shopping is in full swing, but when choosing gifts for your dog this season there are a few items that should be left off the list. Giving your pets holiday gifts is a way to include them in the festivities and treat them like a valued member of the family, however there are some gifts that are just not suitable for your pooch and should be left off the list altogether.

Below is a list of items that you should not bother buying for your dog, as they are dangerous, not useful or really just aren’t worth the money.

Chew Toys Shaped as Common Household Items

It may seem cute to buy your dog a squeak toy that looks remarkably like your favorite slipper, or a squeaky pork chop just like the ones you make the family for dinner, but realistically this is probably not the best idea. Giving your dog toys that resemble things you wouldn’t want them playing with or chewing on in the home will cause unnecessary confusion, not to mention a likelihood that some favorite items will see an untimely end.


We all know dog’s love to chew, and many think rawhide is the perfect solution to this habit, however, rawhide is in fact very dangerous, and you may wish to find a better alternative for your pet. There have been many instances of dogs choking on rawhide, as it doesn’t break down properly when chewed on, and can cause blockages and system troubles if ingested. There are many alternatives available for dogs if looking for a good chew product, so it’s probably best to skip over the rawhide altogether no matter what size or breed your dog is.

Grooming Products

Nail clippers, haircutters and other grooming products are a no go when gift giving to dogs. It is the pet equivalent of a wife receiving a vacuum cleaner, it is not a treat and nobody wants it. Grooming is a part of regular dog owner maintenance so trying to pass it off as a gift is no fun or fair to your sweet pup.


Although a bottle of good cheer may make the perfect gift for a lot of people in your life it doesn’t for your pooch. Alcohol is very harmful to dogs because of the fact it depresses the nervous system and can cause them to become quite ill, so no matter how stuck you are for that perfect gift idea for Fido the eggnog is not a suitable choice.

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