Your Dog and Grooming

Your Dog and Grooming

dog-grooming-225x300 Your Dog and GroomingAll dog breeds require a certain level of grooming. For some it will be regular visits to the puppy parlour, whereas for others their grooming can be taken care of at home. For all, there are certain aspects of grooming which should be conducted on a regular basis to keep your dog in the best condition he can be in, and these are as follows…

Cleaning of the Ears: All dogs require their ears cleaning, none more so then those with longer ears such as Spaniel types who are prone to ear infections and a build-up of wax. Dogs’ ears need to be clean, and free of odour and secretion. Cleaning with a specialist ear cleaner, warm water and a terry-cloth helps to remove all dirt and helps the ears to be in the cleanest condition.

Cleaning of the Eyes: Some breeds are more prone to eye infections to others and can tear often. Toy breeds have narrow tear ducts, which have a risk of inflammation and infection. Insufficient eye care can lead to eye infections, which in their worst form can result in diseases such as Cherry Eye or even blindness. You should clean around your dogs eyes often, especially underneath the eyes which is where a build of bacteria can grow and is only noticeable when it’s at a harmful stage, this is called Poodle Eye and can easily be cured at home with the use of a fine tooth comb to remove all debris.

Teeth – Like Humans dos can get cavities.  98% of dogs have bad breath due to poor dental hygene and so you should brush your dogs teeth approximately twice a week.  When brushing your dogs teeth it is important to use doggy toothpaste and not human toothpaste (as it is not edible).  Other simple daily steps can help with your dogs teeth.  This includes giving a dental chews and dry food.  For more information read Caring for your dogs teeth

Nail Care: Different breeds have different coloured nails, tending to be white, black or brown. With darker nails it is more difficult to care for them correctly, as you cannot see the quick – which is the bloody vein and when cut can produce an immense amount of pain for the dog as well as infections. Dogs with white nails have a pink quick, making it much easier to know where to clip. You can buy specialist dog nail clippers from most pet outlets or allow your groomer to tend to the nails – either way you cannot ignore this part of care, nails which are left uncut can start to curl and end up piercing the dogs pad causing pain, discomfort and a case for neglect. You should never be able to hear your dogs nails touching the ground, if you do this is means they need to be cut immediately.

Bathing Your Dog: How often you bathe your dog depends on your own personal preferences; unless a dog has skin problems there is no actual need to bathe a dog at all. If you do bathe your dog, this needs to be in warm water with products avoiding all contact with the eyes.  However, try not to bath him too much as it dries out the skin

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