Creating a Dog Friendly Garden

Making your garden a dog-friendly haven shouldn’t be too taxing. It’s all about making it a fun and interesting place for your dog to spend time playing, relaxing and exploring. This should prevent them from digging up your flower beds and mean you can both relax and enjoy your time outdoors together.

Digging Areadog-435955_640 Creating a Dog Friendly Garden

Most dogs love to dig and bury their bones or toys, but in certain breeds it is more prevalent. Prevent your lawn and flower beds from looking like you have a mole infestation, by creating a designated digging area. Ideally located in a spot they already like to dig in, but this isn’t wholly necessary, as you can train them to dig in a particular area. Create a raised bed and fill it with sand and / or soil and start by bringing your dog to the area with some of his favourite toys and play a simple game of burying the toy and getting them to dig it up. Eventually, they will learn to do this themselves.

Designated Paths

Dogs usually take the same paths around the garden, so observe the paths they walk, and simply create furry friendly paths using paving or mulch so your dog knows where he can roam freely and it won’t impede on any garden designs you have either.

Dog Friendly Plants

As curious creatures, dogs naturally love to explore and chew on plants, so make sure you plant dog friendly flowers and shrubs, avoiding daffodils, lilies and crocuses that are all toxic to dogs and also think carefully before planting any thorny or spiky shrubs that could cause eye injuries if they’re at dog height.


Like humans, dog need water, especially if they’re running around and exerting themselves in the garden, so make an area where they can come and refresh themselves with clean water. Water in ponds for example, may seem appealing to a dog, but stagnant water is a breeding ground for algae and bacteria which could upset your dog’s tummy.

Relaxing Area

Designate an area for your dog where they can relax and bask in the sun on a warm day. You can make it extra comfy with a dog bed, or maybe they prefer curling up onto a nice comfy sun lounger. You know what your dog

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