Ditch the bowel at Mealtimes

muffin-tin-game-for-dogs Ditch the bowel at MealtimesMy dogs have never been fed out of a bowl as we turn mealtimes into fun times

Dogs by nature are foragers and love it.  All dogs no matter what the bread love sniffing out food etc and find it both fun replacing and believe it or not helps tire them out which make food games so important

All animals need food to live and this includes dogs so as well as being an essential requirement food can be motivating and interesting enough to merit a little sniff effort. The great thing with food games is that because dogs are natural foragers it is easy to start them off with simple games that are impossible to get wrong

To get started simply scatter some of their kibbles over the floor for them to gather and eat.  Once they have the idea you can move outside and scatter the food in the grass

Food games based around foraging is great for building confidence and mentally tiring the dog to help them relax As your dog gets used to earning his mealtimes and finding food you can start to hide it under objects and play games like the muffin tin or place the food in an egg carton with a hole for the to shake the food out.  with some basic recycled material a little imagination, the options are almost endless, and your dog will be happy and confident with their success

I don’t have the time t play all these games I hear you say

The great thing about these types of games is that you can play them in short bursts f 5 minutes at a tie throughout the day.  Try shutting yourself in a room with a number of props and problems – leaving your dog outside the door. I have written several blog posts on items that can be used for games and these include old towels, safe recycling, old socks, boxes etc.  In fact, anything that offers potential hiding places for food

Whilst your dog is out of the room, spend a few minutes holding food around the room but make sure it is within your dog’s capacity to find it by scavenging.  You will find that this time is relaxing for both you and the dog whilst you both switch of fro the world

Then let your dog in the room and watch how much he enjoys himself. In the summer the garden is a great place to do this too – the heady mixture of grass and tasty food scent will be really enjoyable for a foraging dog.

Once your dog has the hang of working for his food by scavenging you can move the game to the outdoors when out on walks where fallen trees long grass etc provide lots of opportunities to play scavenger games. This not only helps mentally tire your dog  but can also be used  as a great distraction

by offering a foraging opportunity with a chew activity it can help not only distract the dog fro something in the distance that may make hi worry ut also help relax hi

All our one to one walks include the opportunity to play various scavenger games to help entally tie the out and destract any probles in the


Enrichment doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, so let your imagination run wild. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Always supervise your pet when letting dogs play with homemade or even commercial toys. Immediately take the toy away if they start to chew/swallow any pieces or break the toy apart. Finchley dog walker is not responsible for any harm that may come to your dog

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