How to choose a dog walker


Do you find yourself filled with guilt when you are at work and your dog is sitting at home?  With the busy lives that we all lead in London, it can sometimes be very hard to meet the needs of an exuberant dog that requires lots of exercise.  Which is why a North Finchley pet sitter will ensure that your dog stays healthy and active allowing you the much-needed time to complete your chores, or be at work without the guilt that you dog is not getting the walk he deserves.

Why use a North Finchley dog walker?

We all want to spend as much time with our dog as possible but sometimes there are other curve balls such as holidays and work that mean that the majority of people need a helping hand from time to time to help care for their dog.  Your chosen dog walker will provide companionship when you are not around.

Your dog is a part of your family so it is very important that you find someone that you are confident with, highly experienced around different dogs and a person that will care for your dog as much as you do.  So how do you find the right person for the job?

The most important requirement for your dog walker,  is that they hold the relevant insurance.  You should ensure they have protection if something very unfortunate was to happen such as your dog is injured on their walk.  Anyone can declare himself or herself as being a dog walker, so when you consider that you are passing your beloved companion into the arms of someone else, it can be a scary thought.  There is no harm in asking a dog walker what they would do if there were an emergency.  You need to satisfy yourself with their answer and it should be the response that you would do yourself or would be happy for someone else to do on your behalf.  When you are interviewing a dog walker, N12 based, always remember do not worry about asking too many questions as a competent and experienced dog walker will be more than happy with all questions put forward to them.

It may also be worth asking them if they are a member of any National Association such as the National Association of  Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

The key is finding a dog walker, N12 based should be someone that you can trust and speaking to fellow dog owners should be the first step, asking simple questions such as “does your dog walker own dogs?” and “what do you like or dislike about your dog walker?” will give you a great starting point.  Asking these relevant questions will give you the comfort you need to make a decision.

But the ultimate way to figure out whether your chosen pet walker, N12 based is perfect for you and your dog is to pay them for a trial walk.  Shadow them, professionals understand the need for this and will not feel awkward.  This way you can observe how your dog is handled and more importantly how your dog responds to them. 

This small amount of preparation in getting your North Finchley dog walker can go a long way because you should not hand your dog over to someone they have not had previous contact with.

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