Spring and Its Dangers


Well it looks like the weather is finally on the up and we can now enjoy the sunshine and nicer walks.  Whilst the spring is great and everyone feels happy because the sun is shining it does have dangers so here are a couple of things to be aware of:

Easter Chocolate

dogs-and-easter-eggs Spring and Its DangersEaster is just around the corner (or just gone depending when you read this) this also means that the house is full of chocolate.  I am sure you are aware that chocolate is poisonous for dogs? With chocolate it also depends on the amount of cocoa solids.  If it is proper chocolate like Greens and Blacks (yummy – other brands available) then this could mean serious illness which almost certainly means a vets bill for you too!

Some of the symptoms that can be caused by chocolate is restlessness, drooling and difficulty standing or walking. But this can result in convulsions and cause death. As you can see it is really vital that your dog does not eat chocolate.  I know it’s fun to give Easter Eggs especially when you have kids but please make sure they are supervised so they don’t slip the dog any as a treat.  It is also important that Easter eggs are stored high up or in a cupboard out of reach of your dog.

What happens if my dog gets hold of chocolate?  If this is the case then the best advice is to call your vet immediately who will be able to help you. It is likely that your dog will have to stay in over night for further tests and treatment

Try a dog friendly Easter Hunt instead


Grapes and raisins are often kept around the house this time of year.  These are dangerous for dogs and can lead to kidney failure.  Please make sure they are kept out of the dogs way otherwise it could be a trip to the vet

Wasp & Bee Stings

cb42efac1e084ba4d5b80502_640 Spring and Its DangersOne of the other dangers about spring is Wasps.  These can create a fun game for your dog as he jumps around and tried to catch them both in the air and when they last on a flower.

Nearly every dog I have met or owned has simply loved chasing flying objects and trying to catch them.  This also includes flies, insects, bees and wasps.  Unfortunately if they catch a wasp it can sting them in the mouth or throat and as you can imagine this can be quite dangerous and can cause swelling and the airway’s making it hard for them to breath.

Try and teach him from an early age not to chase insects, however, should  your dog have been stung  telephone your vet straight away for advice. If the sting is on the skin then like you would with humans try to gently scrape it away with your nail rather than tweezers which could burst the poison sack and make it worse.  Like you would with a human if they got stung you can treat the sting with Bicarbonate of soda if it is  a bee sting to help  neutralize it or vinegar on a wasp sting BUT only do this if you are sure which insect was the offender otherwise you will make the dog feel worse

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