Why is it best to use a local pet sitter?

finchley-dog-walker-derek-300x300-1 Why is it best to use a local pet sitter?

If you are planning an annual holiday, a long weekend break or just a short day trip, maybe you want to visit relatives or friends; has something unexpected cropped up, or do you have to be away from your home at short notice? One of the first things you must consider is caring for your pets.

Although your pets can board at kennels or a cattery during your time away from home, some pets do prefer to be in their home environment. Finding someone you can trust to care for your pets can bring several advantages, both for you and your much-loved pets.

A pet sitter will either stay at your home to look after your dog or cat or visit your home. Some sitters will live in your House during your absence, care for your pets and home and provide continuing companionship to your pet, while other pet sitters will call by once or twice daily to feed your pet, take them for a walk, top-up water bowls and empty cat litter trays. This is a much easier and less expensive option if you choose a sitter that lives locally to your home address.

A local, professional pet sitter will offer you the following advantages:

  • Your pet can remain in its environment with familiar comforts
  • They will receive individual one-to-one attention and care
  • A kind, reliable and trustworthy person will visit your home
  • Someone who genuinely loves animals and spending time with them
  • It gives you total peace of mind that your pets are being cared for
  • The knowledge that your home is in safe hands
  • A cost-effective service
  • A personal face-to-face service – you get to meet the pet sitter and discuss your pet’s individual needs.

Finchley Dog Sitting and Pet Services will visit your home to feed your pets as per their dietary requirements as advised by you. We will refresh their drinking water, change any soiled litter, take them for daily exercise as discussed, and give them personal attention and playtime. You can rest assured that your pets are in safe hands, as we have an Enhanced DBS check (Via the scouts dated 2015),  first aid training for humans and canines, and fully comprehensive insurance via PBI, including key covers. Finally, we are trained and can administer medicines to your pets as per your instructions.

As a dog sitter, we provide your pets reassurance, exercise and companionship. Some pets are anxious when they are away from their familiar surroundings and don’t settle or adjust to a kennel environment.

As a cat sitter, we appreciate how difficult it can be to leave an insecure, timid, shy pet in the care of others while you’re not at home. We provide a safe, caring alternative to a cattery, as your cat will stay in its own home, with no upsets, where it feels comfortable and safe.

With references and testimonials from local people, the emphasis of Finchley Dog Sitting and Pet Services is to provide affordable, attentive and caring pet care in your own home, giving you total peace of mind.

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