All I really want for Christmas – by Missy the Dog!

Insta-christmas-6-1024x1024 All I really want for Christmas – by Missy the Dog!
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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells – yes, it’s almost Christmas, so it’s time to write my Christmas wish list and send it off to Santa Claws!

Yes, I’m sure I’ve been a good dog this year, and so I’m sure to be on the “NICE” list. Unlike that naughty dog Roxy who chewed Del’s socks,  she’s really in the doghouse and doesn’t deserve any presents from Santa!

A Christmas stocking filled with beef flavoured biscuits

These are my favourite snack. Well, that is, out of all the ones, I’m usually allowed. I often eat them too quickly and end with a tummy ache, but they are certainly worth it! My mouth is watering now, just thinking about the smell.

Proper doggy shampoo

I love bath time – although you might not think it sometimes! I love a good splash around in the bubbles. My only complaint is that I would prefer a good shampoo , especially for dog’s fur – not that medicated stuff that Del uses!

New plastic toy for our games of fetch

Each year, I get a new squidgy toy, which is great for our games at the park. Please don’t get me one with a “squeak”, though this is the most annoying part of playtimes. I wouldn’t mind one of those tug toys that I spotted Bruno tugging his master around with the other day – that seems like a lot of fun.

christmas-2983901_640 All I really want for Christmas – by Missy the Dog!

A new leather collar

I don’t mind my current collar. It’s got that sort of “worn-in look”, and it’s very comfy. But wait till after Christmas, all the other doggies will be down the park showing off their new collars and leads, and I don’t want to feel left out, of course. I’ve already got my ID tag, so I don’t need a new one of those – that will save Del a few pennies. It amazes me that some of the other pets we meet on our daily walks don’t have their ID tags on their collars. It’s so easy to get lost when chasing after a squirrel in the woods or bolting from fireworks; I’d hate to be lost and not know how to find my way home.

Wet weather gear

I’m not too keen on going walkabouts in the rain and snow, but well, we all know daily exercise is good for us. If it’s not too much trouble, could I please have a new waterproof coat, one that fits me from my shoulders down to my tail to keep me dry? Fleecy lined would be pretty nice, too, please. As my other coat hasn’t had much wear, perhaps Del can donate it to a homeless dog who lives out on the street. It will undoubtedly help to keep him warm and dry.

A promise of a daily walk to the woods

As you all know, my master Del is the guy who owns Finchley Dog Walker, so his business is taking dogs for long walks each day. I don’t have a problem reminding him to take me for a walk. I know I’m so lucky. But…please can I ask that I get to go to the woods every day? There’s nothing better than digging through all those fallen leaves and chasing Mr Squirrel when he makes an appearance.

Thanks, Santa – I’ll remember to leave out one of my special dog biscuits for Rudolph on Christmas Eve! I’ll try not to bark when I see you too – I don’t want to frighten the other pets.

Love Missy J

And if your Christmas letter to Santa doesn’t work…..

Even if you don’t have any spare cash to spend on your dogs this Christmas, please plan your day so that you can at least spend some quality time with them. We know that humans get very busy at this time of the year, and some pets can often sense this stress. Our pets would love just a belly rub or an extra walk to the park.

Please remember all the other dogs at Christmas who aren’t as lucky as ours. A small donation of money, dog food or even warm blankets will be gratefully accepted at any dog shelter around the area. We love and appreciate everything they do to help our furry friends.