How to Find a Good Groomer

145154795-how-to-find-a-good-groome-632x475-300x226 How to Find a Good GroomerRegular grooming is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy and looking handsome. Some dogs can get by being bathed and brushed in the home but others, especially those with long coats or specific grooming requirements, or large dogs, benefit from seeing a professional groomer. Here are a few tips to help you find a good groomer.

Personal Recommendation

If friends or family dogs go to a regular groomer and always come out looking perfect then you know where to start. Your vet is a good source of information for local grooming services. For added reassurance, some groomers require a vaccination or good health certificate from your vet to protect their furry clients. Failing that, try the internet; the web is a good place to look for grooming services in your local area and may sometimes provide customer reviews.

Take Your Time

Even if a groomer is recommended to you don’t just jump in. Visit the grooming salon first and check it out. Make sure they are fully qualified and insured. Talk to customers and staff members if possible; you can tell if someone is genuinely passionate about the job and about animals, and when they are just biding time until something better comes along!

Take a good look around the premises and observe:

  • Does it look clean and smell fresh?
  • Are the staff safety conscious or are there grooming tools and scissors left lying around?
  • Are the staff friendly and smiling?
  • Are other customers’ dogs happy and relaxed or do they seem frightened or nervous?

Take your dog with you the first time you visit to see how the groomer interacts with him; is she confident, kind and patient with your dog? Don’t be afraid to ask questions; a reputable groomer will not mind this.


Be Sure of Your Dog

Finally, be sure that your dog doesn’t object to being handled by strangers and doesn’t mind being groomed. A dog that won’t put up with this will become stressed and may try to bite the groomer. If you’re worried this may be the case consider a mobile grooming service which comes to you; that way you can be close by to reassure your dog. Choose a mobile groomer using the same criteria as mentioned above.

Trust your gut feelings – and your dog’s reactions – and you won’t go far wrong.

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