Safe Tips for Hot Weather

Hot weather tips for keeping your dog safe

In a dog’s world, each day is filled with fun activities, spending time with his master, and lots of rest and relaxation. This means lots of time spent outdoors but its best to be aware of hazards that may occur during the summer days.

Most people welcome the arrival of the sunshine as a perfect time to go to the park, head to the beach or run around in the open fields. These guidelines will ensure that you and your pet will enjoy the summer in a safe manner.


Basic Safety Tips

  • Be aware of your dog’s swimming ability, before letting him loose to swim off by himself
  • Use sunscreen on exposed doggie parts, particularly his ears and nose.
  • Never leave your dog alone in a stationary car even with the windows open, temperatures can quickly rise and cause heatstroke for your dog
  • Ensure that your dog has an ID tag and collar, in case he gets lost
  • Avoid lawns and park areas that have recently been fertilised or sprayed with chemicals
  • If you are going on a holiday with your dog, make a note of the contact details of a local Vet, so you have information if an emergency arises


Avoid leaving pets in conservatories

You may not realise, but your conservatory is one of the hottest rooms in your house on a sunny day and obviously one of the worst places to leave your dog. A sun room can heat up rapidly, but if your dog must go inside, open all the windows and have a plentiful supply of cold water. Never leave your dog unattended in a conservatory for any length of time.

Stay clear of crowds

Just as humans don’t like being in crowded places, there is the increased chance of exhaustion, dehydration and injury in dogs, so try to keep away from crowded locations on summer days.

Monitor hot weather play

All dogs love to play outside, but during hot weather spells they can soon overheat. Being hot means they are at great risk of dehydration, sunburn and heatstroke, which can, in some cases, cause death or make them very ill.

During hot, sunny days, it’s best not to allow your dog to run around and exert themselves too much, chasing after sticks and balls.  A slow, steady walk is a much better type of exercise, and it’s safer to walk in the early morning, or late evening to avoid the heat of the mid-day sun.

Consider these common sense tips to keep your pet safe from summer problems, ranging from serious injury, sunburn and heat exhaustion, and have some enjoyable summer days.

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